Allied Steelrode Stretcher Leveler (ASSM)

Our new heavy gauge stretcher leveller produces flat sheet and plates that stay flat after operations like laser, plasma or water jet cutting, shearing, turret punching, bending, forming, welding and finished assembly.

All trapped stresses and shape memory are completely eliminated, and the cost savings from producing less scrap can be as much as 15%.

To complete our differentiation strategy, we decided to brand our stretchered product which now carries the label ASSM (Allied Steelrode stretcher material).

Our customers have confirmed that this is the flattest material they have ever received, both before and after processing and fabrication.

The stretcher leveller achieves this by stretching the entire cross section of the strip- top to bottom and edge to edge beyond its yield point.

The machines capabilities are from 1.50 mm to 13 mm thick, 2000 mm wide strip with up to 15 metre lengths.