The management of ALLIED STEELRODE (Pty) Ltd, a leading steel service center and supplier, has defined and documented the following commitment with respect to quality:We are committed to quality, integrity and professionalism in our daily functional tasks including:

  • Using the disciplines of ISO9001: 2015 to develop and maintain the processes needed to produce quality products consistently at competitive prices and cost effectively;
  • Continuous Improvements (CI) and reviews of our Quality Management System (QMS);
  • To provide employees with appropriate training and resources to enable them to fully understand and support our quality philosophy;
  • To grow and nurture lasting relationships with customers by effective communication, as well as understanding their needs; and
  • To constantly meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our success will be measured by:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Efficient operational processes; and
  • Market and sales growth.

Every employee has the responsibility to ensure that the intentions of this policy statement are understood, applied and maintained within their own area of activity and area of responsibility.

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