We have our own fleet of vehicles comprising of 39 heavy duty trucks and trailers with an average load capacity of between 8 and 30 tons, delivering up to and including Bloemfontein as well as exports into Africa.

Our impressive fleet is made up of the following;

4 8 TONS
5 13 TONS
2 20 TONS
1 24 TONS
1 28 TONS
26 30 TONS


Our factory was specially designed to allow for faster and better controlled logistics by working on an input side (raw material), production side (machinery) in the middle and an output side (finished goods). Big, one way roads allows better follow through for trucks to deliver and despatch.


Our Alrode branch has – 38 000 square meters of undercover factory space , along with state of the art cutting facilities as well as one of the most advanced slitting operations in the world, we provide the latest in technology to bring the customer outstanding quality and improved delivery times.

Allied Steelrode Factory Floor

Our two magnificent synchro-shear machines deliver blanks at 180 per minute along with auto stacking to ensure the product is packaged to the highest quality standards. In addition we are proud to introduce the STRETCHER, which places us way ahead in the ability to level high strength and thick coil, something which our competitors have still to invest in, is our new four high plate leveller that can level up to 16mm in mild steel and also process the new generation hard wearing steel with a width of 2150mm and to a length of 15 meters in Domex and TM 420, 600 and 700.


New frontiers in technology have been met by our Samco rollformer, which has been designed and manufactured with the latest technology to produce only the highest quality cold formed sections. It is the first rollformer in South Africa to produce the full range of lipped channels on one mill, thus improving on delivery time. Other than its full range of lipped channel sections, the rollformer can also produce a vast variety of open sections.

The Samco rollformer has an in-line punching system, the punch anywhere Quad Head system, offering a range of round and slotted holes. A second in-line 40 ton hydraulic press has been made available for customised punching. An added feature of the punching system is auto programming from AutoCAD drawings. Another impressive and cost effective devise is its in-line hard stamping and inkjet marking capabilities.

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