Our Mission

At Allied Steelrode, we continuously strive to:

  • Be the supplier of choice
  • Understand and meet our customer’s needs
  • Continue to achieve and maintain high standards of excellence through quality and service

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop into one of the nation’s foremost steel professionals, providing cutting-edge technology coupled with the best service and product to the South African and Sub Saharan steel market.

Our Products (Local)

Flat Products:

Quality Description Thickness Range Width/Size Range
Cold Rolled Commercial Quality Cold Rolled Coil and sheets 0,46-2,00mm 1225,15
Cold Rolled ASTM1008 Cold Rolled Coil and sheets 0,76-0,86mm 925, 1225
Flange&Profile As Rolled Plates 8,00-25,00mm 10000x2400
Galvanized ISQ230 - Z200&Z275 Galvanized Coil and Sheets 0,50-3,00mm 1125
Hot Rolled SAE1008(Si 0,03%) Hot Rolled Coil and sheets 1,45-1,90mm 1225,15
Hot Rolled Commercial Quality Hot Rolled Coil and sheets 2,40-12,00mm 1225, 1500, 1800, 1850
Hot Rolled S355 JR&AR Hot Rolled Coil and sheets, plates 3,00-12,00mm 1224, 1200, 1500, 1825, 1925, 2000
Hot Rolled Vastrap Hot Rolled Coil and sheets, plates 3,00-6,00mm 1200
Hot Rolled S355 JR&AR As Rolled Plates 6,00-50,00mm 12000x3000, 10000x2400, 12000x2400, 4000x2000, 6000x1500, 3000x1500
P&O Hot Rolled SF190 Hot Rolled Coil and sheets 2,00-4,00mm 1225
Wearplate 200(Bennox) Wearplate 200(Bennox) Coil and plate 6,00-16,00mm 1200x6mm coil - 10000x2400 8-16mm plate

Long Products:

Quality Description Thickness Range Width/Size Range
Equal Angle Iron CQ and S355 Equal Angle Iron 4-10mm 60x60 - 100x100
Channels CQ and S355 Channels - light,taper and parallel flange various 76x38 - 200x75
Flat Bar Flat Bar on application on application
IPE STD & IPE AA S355 IPE STD & IPE AA various 100x55-200x100
Re-inforcing Round Bar Re-inforcing Round Bar on application on application
Round Bar Round Bar on application on application
Universal Beams S355 Universal Beams various 203X133-533X210
Universal Columns S355 Universal Columns various 152X152-305X305

Our Products (Automotive)

HR Pickled & Oiled

2.00mm – 5.00mm (Thicker available on request).
Supraform is a range of hot rolled structural steels with improved formability.

    • Supraform HR190
    • Supraform HR250
    • Supraform HR290

Supraform MC is a range of high strength, low alloy structural hot rolled steel with improved formability.

    • Supraform 355MC
    • Supraform 420MC
    • Supraform 500MC
    • JIS G3113 SAPH400
    • JIS G3134 SPFH590

Cold Rolled Steel for Drawing & Forming Applications

0.60mm – 2.00mm

    • EN10130 DC01 – DC06
    • CR270LA  – CR420LA


0.60mm – 2.00mm

Consists of Cold Rolled Steel substrate coated with Zinc electrolytic deposition.
Zinc Coatings can vary.

    • EN10152 DC04 – DC06+ZE

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Consists of Cold Rolled or Hot Rolled Steel substrate.

    • 260LA – 420LA

Enamelling Steels

Cold Rolled Steel for enamelling applications.

    • Commercial Enamelling Quality
    • Drawing Enamelling Quality
    • DC01 EK
    • DC04 EK
    • CR220 EK

Dual Phase Steels

High-strength steel that has a ferritic–martensitic microstructure.
Coated and Uncoated.

    • CR440Y780
    • CR590Y980
    • CRDP800
    • CRDP1000

Hot Forming / Hot Stamping Steels

Coated and Uncoated.

    • 22MnB5

Our Factory

Allied Steelrode About us

Allied Steelrode has an annual steel production capacity of more than 500 000 tons

We have our own fleet of vehicles comprising of 39 heavy duty trucks and trailers with an average load capacity of between 8 and 30 tons, delivering up to and including Bloemfontein as well as exports into Africa.

Our impressive fleet is made up of the following;

    • 5 trucks with a load capacity of 13 tons each
    • 4 trucks with a load capacity of 8 tons each
    • 2 trucks with a load capacity of 20 tons each
    • 1 trucks with a load capacity of 24 ton's
    • 1 trucks with a load capacity of 28 ton's
    • 26 trucks with a load capacity of 30 tons each

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Our People

Allied Steelrode employs over 400 people. The people of Allied Steelrode define the business and its ethic, of quality and great service.

We aggressively practice a progressive procurement policy and strive to constantly develop our most important assets, our people. With this in mind our skills development program ensures that our people are always up to date with the latest technical developments.

Please contact our sales team for a detailed product catalogue.