Our high speed precision processing equipment has afforded us the opportunity to break further ground into the Automotive Industry by being awarded direct OEM supply as well as to a number of component manufactures.

2013 brought about investment opportunities to further bolster our capacity & capabilities with the focus on delivering a quality product phenomenally fast.

Our first investment strategy was to acquire a state of the art, fully automated shearing machine, capable of loading the raw material, processing, to the packing of the finished product.

Our Products (Automotive)

HR Pickled & Oiled

2.00mm – 5.00mm (Thicker available on request).
Supraform is a range of hot rolled structural steels with improved formability.

    • Supraform HR190
    • Supraform HR250
    • Supraform HR290

Supraform MC is a range of high strength, low alloy structural hot rolled steel with improved formability.

    • Supraform 355MC
    • Supraform 420MC
    • Supraform 500MC
    • JIS G3113 SAPH400
    • JIS G3134 SPFH590

Cold Rolled Steel for Drawing & Forming Applications

0.60mm – 2.00mm

    • EN10130 DC01 – DC06
    • CR270LA  – CR420LA


0.60mm – 2.00mm

Consists of Cold Rolled Steel substrate coated with Zinc electrolytic deposition.
Zinc Coatings can vary.

    • EN10152 DC04 – DC06+ZE

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Consists of Cold Rolled or Hot Rolled Steel substrate.

    • 260LA – 420LA

Enamelling Steels

Cold Rolled Steel for enamelling applications.

    • Commercial Enamelling Quality
    • Drawing Enamelling Quality
    • DC01 EK
    • DC04 EK
    • CR220 EK

Dual Phase Steels

High-strength steel that has a ferritic–martensitic microstructure.
Coated and Uncoated.

    • CR440Y780
    • CR590Y980
    • CRDP800
    • CRDP1000

Hot Forming / Hot Stamping Steels

Coated and Uncoated.

    • 22MnB5